This. Hurts.


Mathias Malzieu, The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart

I love my new iPhone. My roommate is pretty cool too :)
After watching the debate, this is the decision I have come to.

At least I expected the disappointment, right? I mean, I can’t say I was surprised you hurt me once again. But, I can’t say it hurt any less either.

— (via superheroislost)

Como me he pasado el año sin hacer el supervillano, mi amiga Kitty me ha regalado esta preciosísima ilustración.
(de Cory Godbey, que es muy grande)


i dont think people should stop listening to nicki minaj’s music just because she wants to vote for romney when there are so many other reasons to stop listening to nicki minaj’s music for example nicki minaj’s music

Seriously xD